Shaping analog and digital areas

Hi, my name is Stephanie.
I love shaping brands and digital products for the good of society.

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Chewing a bubble gum is:
calming — relaxing — stimulating
entertaining — encouraging — combative

I love bubble gum!

But all the discarded bubble gum on the streets is indeed creepy and a real problem for the cities. How must a product be designed today if it can no longer be thrown away? And what does this have to do with my work?

I use the motif of "bubble gum" as a narrative and artistic object of research as it is a product of the modern world and in it tells its own pop cultural story. It combines contrasting topics: Individuality, freedom, relaxation versus origin, production, consumption, DNA traces, disposal. Where to put my chewed bubble gum? Spit it spontaneously on the street? There are in any case better solutions!
In my work I deal with the conception, design and monitoring of the implementation of digital and AI-based solutions for our civil society. These are designed methodically, analytically and strategically starting from needs and motivations in a user-centered process.
For me, sustainability and multidisciplinary thinking is one of the basic elements of digital transformation. How can users retrace their digital footsteps? What are digital formats that can activate and sustainably control our own actions? How can digital applications and AI systems respond to the needs of users? And what does a sustainable repositioning of our behavior in the application-specific customer journey mean?
For me, it is about a careful activation of a lasting and adaptive mindset - in organizations, administrations, business models - and above all in our everyday life. Part of this is to advance the integration of the European Commission's recommendations and objectives from the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, as well as to strengthen the resonance of the SDGs.
But back to gum: See my bubble gum research here.


As a Berlin-based expert in brand and digital experience design I am working collaboratively on ideation, creation and implementation for various industries.

My client base ranging from fashion and sportswear to museums and institutions, educational centers and universities, from publishing houses to food and beverages, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

  • Workshops and concepts
  • Brand & experience design
  • Impact driven brand creation
  • Visual design
  • Supervision
  • Team lead
UX/UI design
  • User journeys and scenarios
  • Structure and Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • User Testings
  • Accessibility
  • Design systems
  • Developer friendly assets


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